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Coupon Code Vendor

Vendor’s Name Phone Number Bank
David Ogoigbe 07037971470 Zenith Bank
Zainab Ogundeji 08084185762 Zenith Bank
Aanu Obadina 08027161206 GTBank

How to be a Coupon Code Vendor?

Please send an email to CouponCodes@article8.ng detailing your Full Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Academic Level, Bank Details, Location & Age. You are to pay a non-refundable Application Fee of N12,500 only to any of the first three vendors listed above. We shall send an acknowledgement message and other details to your email afterwards. Note: Limited slot available. We shall discontinue this process once we have the required number of vendors. You could as well send an email to CouponCodes@aticle8.ng for further requires.