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How It Works

article8.ng is an online project of Article8 Media Ltd. This project focuses on building the culture of writing and reading on the global spare and at the same time creating incentives for writer & reader members through proceed from advertising agencies which advertise on the platform. We believe that, away from all the noise online, passion for writing and reading should be commensurately rewarded. Membership is by onetime subscription payment of the sum of One Thousand, Five Hundred (N1,500) naira only. Your application will only get approved after a successful subscription payment. At the point of registration, prospective member has a choice to opt for writing, reading or both. Payment can be drawn immediately. You need not wait till month end or week end. As much as we encourage referrals, referral is not mandated!


We have various genres a writer can choose to write per time. Amongst are Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Fiction, Horror, History, Images, Mystery, Adult, Erotic, Paranormal, Poet, Romance, Science, Short Story, Spiritual, African Folk Tale, Teens, Thriller, Relationship, Home & Family, Dark World etc. Writers are classified into three professional levies: Rookie, Amateur & Veteran writers. Each levy has three ratings (which we tag, feathers). Rookie writer has feather 1-3; Amateur writer has feathers 4-6, while Veteran writer has feathers 7-9. Every member-writer will commence into the system as Rookie feather 1 and grow from stage to stage based on performance, ratings, reviews, total visit and read on articles published. For every article a writer sends for approval for upward publish, the writer earns point, which we term INKS (writers write with inks). The point (inks) a writer earns will then be multiplied with the classification of a writer. Permit me to illustrate:

Illustration 1:

Writer A is Rookie with feather 2. He writes a beautiful article and at approval, he is scored 40 points. 40 multiplied by 2 gives us 80. Total point scored will be 80 inks. Compare with Writer B, who is a Veteran with feather 8. He earns same 40 points from the same article. 40 multiplied by 8 gives us 320 inks. Growth within professional levies (rookie to veteran) could only be earn through diligent work. It will not come cheap. A writer also earns 1 point per visitor who reads such article. A writer is enabled to share his articles to all major social media platforms (facebook, twitter, whatsapp, telegram etc). When he shares an article, he does not earn for sharing. However, when readers click on those links from where such is shared, he earns 1 point per successful read on the article on our platform.

Illustration 2:

Writer A (with 80 inks for publishing an article) shares the article to facebook, twitter, whatsapp and telegrams. When 100 persons click on the link, the link redirects back to our platform for them to read the article. Thus, he earns 100 addition points. Total points would then be 180 inks. Over a period, a writer builds followers on his own. Could drop an article, after approval (earns points) goes to social media to share the article. Visitors read and he earns more points. What have you done? You have created a content, invited readers to your content and driven traffic to our platform. You have invariably increased the total number of viewers of advertised products which increases the patronage chances of those product. So, it is possible for a writer to earn an average of 2,000 points per day and more, on a single article published, based on the visiting readers. Isn’t that awesome?!

Please note: All written articles must be approved by Content Admin before such would be published. He (as used in the content) represents both male and female. Fraudulent traffic would not be rewarded as our system monitors IP Addresses of visitors and members.


After a successful registration, a reader-member earns in the following ways: You earn N500 as referral bonus on every new member who uses your referral link. Withdrawal is immediate. Withdraw as you earn. No need to wait till month end nor week end! Readers earn 1 point on each article read and commented. Readers earn another 1 point when they share the article to any social media platform (facebook, twitter, whatsapp, telegram etc). The more you read, make comment and share, the much more you earn! If a reader reads and share a thousand article in a day, such earns 2,000 points! A reader could earn N5,000 or more daily. This earning could be withdrawn daily also. Isn’t that awesome?!

Please note: Points for readers are tagged Parchment. Parchment is a form of paper used for writing. Fraudulent traffic would not be rewarded as our system monitors IP Addresses of visitors and members.

Readers earn parchment, writers earn inks. They both earn points. When a member serves as both writer and reader, he earns both inks and parchment. Both will be converter to naira at point of withdrawal. There will be periodic special tasks expected of members which shall be rewarded with high points up to about 1,000 points. Such will serve as huge incentives to members who keep up with activities and follow closely tasks measured out to members. It is vital to point out that revenue sharing comes majorly from advertising agencies. Thus, members are expected to participant on the platform in manners that ensure healthy patronage for the advertising agencies and stability of the system. Members are expected to abide with all terms and conditions of sustaining this platform.


We have designed 5 payout means for members. Withdrawal can be drawn in form of cash, recharge airtime, recharge data, cable tv/electricity recharge and bitcoin. Members have the option to choose a medium per time based on individual needs and availability. Withdrawal could be made daily. Cash withdrawal shall be credited within 24 hours of request.

Who Can Participate on this Platform

article8.ng platform is open to everyone with the interest for writing, reading or both. article8.ng is open to anyone who could meticulously adhere to basic operation task and anyone desirous on been rewarded upon conscientious tasks. article8.ng is open to students, graduates, job seekers, employees, employers, bloggers and everyone who desires to make an extra income through reading and writing.

How to Register and Get Started

Membership is by onetime subscription payment of the sum of One Thousand, Five Hundred (N1,500) naira only. Your application will only get approved after a successful subscription payment. At the point of registration, prospective member has a choice to opt for writing, reading or both. Simply Click on Register and fill the form (with your Username, Active Email Address, desired Password & Confirm Password Created). Click on either PayStack (for direct payment) or Coupon Code. Membership onetime subscription can be made either through direct payment using PayStack (which is a safe and secured payment platform) or through Coupon Code. Coupon codes can be obtained through payment to any of our affiliates, who shall after confirming your payment to his/her bank account, send an alphanumeric code to you. The code shall be added to the coupon code tab on your registration page. Follow through the payment and you shall prompted for bank account details (which payment shall be made at your request) and phone number. Check the box for writer, reader or both to indicate if you would want to be a writer, reader or both. click on Submit Button and a confirmation link shall be sent to your provided email address. Log into your email and click on the confirmation link which shall directs you to your account login page. Login, Voilà and you are fully signed up! Commence your activities as a writer, reader or both…

How Will I Get Paid To My Bank Account And What Is The Minimum Payout?

You get paid by simply processing a payment request and submitting your request. Please note that you are not allowed to change bank details at will, expect with a genuine reason which must be approved by Payment Admin. For purpose of financial activities and reconciliation, we have pegged minimum payout to Four Thousand (N4,000) naira threshold (Terms and condition applied). Payment shall be expected within 24 hours of withdrawal request.

Coupon Code Vendor

Vendor’s Name Phone Number Bank
David Ogoigbe 07037971470 Zenith Bank
Zainab Ogundeji 08084185762 Zenith Bank
Aanu Obadina 08027161206 GTBank