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I hope I caught you before you made the same mistake you made last year- wrote a long list of dos and don’ts that you misplaced before March. Because it’s that time of the year again, when our seriousness and thankfulness is second to none. The time when expectations are high, plans seem articulate and we generally overrate our abilities.

If I did, good luck this piece is for you. If not, save this piece and read in March when you have misplaced your original list. Good luck all the same.

At this point, suffice to say that social media is inundated with threats of cutting out unproductive friends, doubling hustle, buying that Benz and being more self-oriented in the new year. So far, going by the number of New Year messages I have received, perhaps I was a productive friend in 2018, and so were many others- including you. Truth? We can’t all have been good friends. Hence, some people have not kept their resolutions from day one.

Brings me to my suggestion, keep it simple. You can’t change idiosyncrasies it took you decades to build overnight, especially over a night like a December 31st night when you did not get enough sleep to make your brain function properly. Believe me, adrenaline push doesn’t last a lifetime.

Long, multifaceted resolutions will only make you feel good for a while and are hardly ever achievable. Why not just focus on something simple, direct, and achievable. Would it be wrong to say that in the New year you want to sleep an extra one hour a week? That you would like to spend more time, say 20mins more a day, with your kids? Or just be more conscious of your spouse’s needs?

Why do we leave the simple stuff like this, which are really achievable, and focus on loosing 40kg, making more money, starting 5 more businesses, travelling the world, increasing your retirement savings, being active members in our local Church, volunteering at the local orphanage, cutting out unreal friends and getting married? How do we make all these contradictory resolutions in the same breath while keeping a straight face? We start our years in lies and end them in disappointments.

This year focus on a little thing you want done, achieve it and move on to another stuff- all within the year- and you will be better off for it.

Happy New Year.

My resolution? To seek more opportunities and act on them without over-analysing. I just did with this article.



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