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A Great Piece To End My 2018

By - - [ Romance ]

To my darling Husband... Today 31/12/2018.

As I looked back to this year, l saw it was the most challenged year ever spent as a couple. But I also saw the finger of God, His measure of mercy and His right hand that brought victory to us. To Him only be all the glory!

The battle we fought at the beginning of the year could not consume us...rather, it promoted us! The battle was intense because our destiny is great and too hot for devil to handle. The devil is afraid of our destiny together! What a mighty God we serve! I see that we will yet record great results in this New Year!

I appreciate every bit of you! Your love, concerns, cares, and even your mess is all appreciated! Remember l told you in 2017 'even in your mess I still do'.

Little did l know, I was been prepared by God for the battle He won for us early this year. We are going to places, that l am so sure of. I will love you again and again.

Also...I am so sorry for each stress I put you through in 2018. I promise to be better me to you.

Love you now and always
Adigun mi owon, Olowo ori, oko Fayoke.



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