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Could We Look Closer At Monaco And Her Woes?

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Could We Look Closer At Monaco And Her Woes?

In the football world, the need for an immediate spark from a new manager or player cannot be overemphasized. Once a club signs a player, there is this overwhelming expectation from the board and the fans. Failure to live up to the expectations leads to unforeseen threats to such player’s profile which ultimately affects the player's career. Same theory works for a new head coach.

In this era, the football game has become so competitive which is why all football clubs try all they can to ensure they are in their best form. This is derived from the fact that with every transfer windows, clubs seek to improve their team by signing new set of players which they feel would make an immediate impact or sign a player for future. However, the former is usually the case. This transfer actions often end up in two scenarios. The buying club becomes stronger and formidable while the selling club becomes weaker and vulnerable. Although there are few exceptions to this, it is often true. The only escape route to this fate is to replace the key players that has been transferred out of the club which is exactly what AS Monaco failed to do.

Kylian Mbappe, Thomas Lemar, Tiemoue Bakayoko, Bernando Silva and Benjamim Mendy are all key players that Monaco sold at very high price to clubs all over Europe but failed to replace them which is the major reason behind their present calamity. To cap it all, the manager that brought them from relegation and won them the league one title; Leonardo Jardim was sacked! Tell me, who does that? All these events happening at the same time have corresponding negative effects. Thiery Henry was later appointed but things turned out very badly for the French man. He was recently sacked as the team is placed at the second-from-bottom in the French top division with only 15 points.

The most interesting part of this scenario is that the former boss; Leonardo Jardim has been re-hired. Could this be said as a positive development? Could we say that the new, or better still, renewed headman knows the club so well and he could really perform some magic?

Let us keep our fingers crossed, be hopeful that this once potent club, Monaco FC would find the required transfer fund, bring back & bring in high quality player and get their groove back.

Hope, and just hope is all we’ve got…



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