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Emiliano Sala: Shall We Ever Bring Him Back?

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Emiliano Sala: Shall We Ever Bring Him Back?

A tragic event occurred on Tuesday 22nd January, 2019, in which the day has been referred to ever since by the world, football associations, clubs, fans and the family of the missing player, Emiliano Sala as a sad day. But really, what is this ever reoccurring incidences of airplane disappearance again and again? A plane develops a major fault mid-air and goes down. But shortly before the decline, it is lost in radial. What then befall such fate within the point of contact-loss and final crash-down? Or do they just vanish mid-air without a trace? Or there is a blindspot that leads to oblivion, such when a craft encounters, no coming back? So many questions, who could answer?

And so again, this fate struck, Emiliano Sala was at bay. After several days of searching and no sight of the passengers nor the plane, the family said they still have some hope in finding Sala. But come to think of it, who would give up on such a search for a brother, son and football player that has set the world ablaze since starting his football career. Our heart goes to the family, we hope along with you and we believe that miracle happens everyday.

High Profile Donor and players like France and PSG forward Kylian Mbappe, former Westham midfielder Dimitri Payet and Leicester City midfielder Demarai Gray has donated to help in the private search of the missing player. With a lot of players promising support in any way to help find Cardiff City’s Sala.

The family of the missing player have been taken on a plane to see the area that the rescuers have been searching for the past few days. Even though the family have been in shock over this unexpected turn of event, they still remain positive that he will be found hale and healthy.

Also, the private search will include more investigative technical searches underwater. This will also help in getting back their hero. The family thanked the donors for their exceptional generosity after more than two hundred and ninety euros was raised.

Peradventure, there was a seer, predictor or forecaster who could have seen this ahead and warned. Perhaps that plane never flew that fateful day or shortly before, such plane develop a major fault before schedule for take-off and was grounded. If there had just been a chance at faith, something divinity or mystical that changed the course of time. It’s so painful, when a stone is cast, that it cannot be recalled. Time, we say is the greatest challenge. Only if we could turn back the hands of time…

Such a really sad event at the start of a new year. We all could only pray and hope that he and the pilot are found in healthy state. And really, what more do we have than HOPE?



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