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HOLOGRAM: A Step in the Advancement of Communication Technology

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HOLOGRAM: A Step in the Advancement of Communication Technology

On daily basis, scientists come up with new plans to ensure that there is an upgrade in existing technology. After implementation, these upgrades are usually better in performance, speed, accessibility and durability. Although implementation often require a lot of money, manpower, time and perseverance, the end always justify the means. Imagine, if you could literally be present for a meeting, interview or make a full presentation via your phone, as if you are in the room. I do not refer to video calls or the likes. I mean, like in the movies, when your image is transported via your mobile phone application into miles in another location to display your 1.62m feet image, physically, actively and functional.

Back in the days, communication is quite harder. The use of fire, birds, miming among others are the means by which people communicated with one another. Now, there are sophisticated means, thanks to our scientists for their observations and new discoveries.

The basic way of communicating is through speech which could also be referred to as dialogue. Subject A speaks, subject B listens and responds. This could be done with or without facial contact. Since the advent of the telephones, cell phones, walkie-talkies, to mention a few, communication with an individual from a long distance can be done with no strain. However, the facial dialogue can't be done with mobile devices except one uses video calls with the help of certain social software such as Skype and Whatsapp. The only setback about this is that it does not usually support conversation between multiple individuals and the pictorial representation isn't as advanced as the hologram.

The hologram is a clear graphical representation of an object; say a person which carries out transmission such as the voice of the person, the facial expression, the stance, the gesticulation and so on. In addition it looks like you are talking to the receiver in reality! How cool is that?! One amazing fact about the hologram is that if one does not take a critical look, you might think the person you're talking to is actually there! Yes, holograms can be that deceptive! The hologram is basically, a photographic representation of a light field which looks exactly like an image and can be viewed without the use of special glasses. Holograms are said to be used by various companies in developed countries for communication especially during conference meetings. This implies that members of a company that are far away can communicate with the company and it will look like they never left!

The hologram technology is however very expensive to acquire as the availability is limited to only developed countries and it does not come cheap. Let us just hope, with the chance of optimism that in a near future, just as internet, mobile technology, smart TV and the likes suddenly crept-in on us, this technology—hologram technology could be within our reach. But until then, let us all enjoy the illusions of science and technology in movies and music.



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