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I am not schizophrenic, but I am one of those few people who lives in a parallel universe, limiting myself to information that really concerns me and tuning out noise. My social media presence is a facebook account I have been contemplating closing for the past 3years and a twitter account with 4 followers. This is just a background story for you to understand why I had to Google MC Oluomo when someone's status suggested I include him in my prayers.

I am writing this piece after 30-35minutes of looking at various unflattering headlines relating to MC Oluomo: legacy, politics, lifestyle, references in arts and social media, and attempted assassination on his life.

I used to think our situation in Nigeria was a mere disorder of priorities, and that things would be better when we sort that out, I was wrong. We have now gone beyond that mere disorder to a point where we no longer have any priorities to order. Our major problem now is that our young people now romanticize evils and have decided to make people of questionable characters their role models, sorry their gods. We now have people whom our grandparents used the tortoise folklore series to warn us about become influencers on social media and in real life.

How else can one explain how a NURTW chieftain (as the papers refer to him) has become a crowd puller of sorts in a major political party’s rally- where manifestoes are supposed to be discussed? How can it be said of a sane country that there are online videos of unmasked Agberos swearing allegiance and issuing threats of pending calamities if their fallen comrade does not rise, and rather than the Police to arrest those threatening further unrest, they are busy issuing statements of update on an Agberos health condition? How can a society think of moving forward when notorious people are the cohorts of the ruling class and are being protected by the same law that is supposed to be their waterloo?

Without mincing words, NIGERIA HAS LOST IT! Awolowo, Azikiwe, Enahoro, Ahmadu Bello and a host of previously fallen heroes will be rolling in their graves if they knew that the heroes our children will be referring to in the Nation Anthem would be the likes of MC Oluomo and his cronies. 

And to those who are saying short prayers for him, have you prayed for Leah Sharibu whose whereabouts our Army, with all its supposed sophistication and funding, cannot tell; not to talk of her health condition? Have we prayed for countless pregnant women in our IDP camps who do not have access to basic healthcare, not to talk of Eko Hospital standard? Have we prayed for our troops who are fighting terrorists with few bullets without the possibility of being flown abroad for any treatment or rehabilitation? Have we said a prayer for ourselves?

Say what you will about the sanctity of life and religious charity, on this matter I will stick with karma and the great circle of life. I am not schizophrenic, I just see the truth wherever i look.



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