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Nicki Minaj's Manager Murder Case: A New Suspect Found

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Nicki Minaj's Manager Murder Case: A New Suspect Found

Exactly four years ago, De'Von Pickett; Nicki Minaj’s manager was murdered. It was a very sad and shocking news which really affected the emotional American singer and rapper; Nicki Minaj.

The 29 year old was stabbed multiple times outside a bar in East Germantown, Philadelphia for reasons that are still unknown to the public. Few weeks after the incident, a suspect; Pierce Boykin was arrested but with ongoing investigation, it has come to public notice that he is innocent and there is a new suspect.

Now, I see that as incompetence from the police. Why should you punish a suspect when you are not certain about the circumstances surrounding his involvement in the case? This is a common error we often see from the force and it really saddens me. The fact is, majority of those in prisons, be it federal or state, are innocent. Most of them are there as a result of what Yorubas call konge agbako (wrongly located) which means being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The new suspect; Kahliyfa Neely is now being charged with murder, conspiracy and other crimes he committed. His trial will be concluded next week. Finally the real culprit will be dealt with and the innocent man could reunite with his family and friends but the real question is, how about the damaged reputation? How about the psychological and physical torture the innocent man has gone through? How about the time of his life that has been wasted in detention? How will the police make up for all that?

If it is any consolation, he has his life back which he should be grateful to his Maker because one’s life is more important than anything else. A k’oni s’agbako o (may we never meet evil)...



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