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Smoking Shisha is More Injurious to Your Health than Smoking Cigarettes

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Smoking Shisha is More Injurious to Your Health than Smoking Cigarettes

There is this general misconception that it is better to smoke shisha instead of cigarettes. This fallacious statement has sent people to their early graves while some are living dead as a result. Generally, smoking is bad because it has very serious implications on one's health and lung cancer is a close end result. Some smokers decide to opt in for shisha because they feel it is safer. My friend, you just jumped from frying pan to fire!

Shisha's major component is tobacco which is the same with cigarettes so a shisha smoker is bound to suffer same fate as a cigarette smoker. Alas, anyone who takes shisha inhales higher concentration of tobacco and other substances than those on cigarettes. The risks include lung cancer, infectious diseases, heart diseases and unforeseen complications during pregnancy. That's right, it can harm that innocent baby in your womb! Most female smokers think shisha is harmless because of its fruity taste but I'll have to remind you that sweet things kill and shisha is not an exception. Also, young male smokers within the range of 18 - 24 would rather smoke shisha because it doesn't have that primitive tobacco taste. Research confirms that smoking cigarette cuts of its smoker for as much of 15 years. 15 years of a man’s life, that is huge!

In addition, for hygiene is highly poor with shisha intake. Pipes are poorly maintained and used by several people, there is higher risk of contracting infectious diseases like tuberculosis, meningitis, hepatitis and so on. In addition, shisha also contains burnt wood cinders or charcoal and this implies that a smoker could be exposed to the toxic carbon monoxide gas which could eventually lead to heart problems.

I would say, it's better not to smoke at all. There is no alternative to living healthy. No other alternative will suffice. Listen, it is confirmed that when smoking is stopped, major forms of cancer could be reduced by 40%. Stay healthy.



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