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Still, Just Do Nothing

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Still, Just Do Nothing...

Sometime ago, a young analyst at Goldman Sachs in the United States called his dad from the tall edifice of the company – the gold standard among world investment banks – a company known for its jaw-dropping pay and benefits. This young man was lucky to get this job at just age 21. His dad picked up the call and was stunned to hear that the workload was very excruciating. “Quit!” his dad advised. The young investment banker continued to go to work, day after day, working long hours and staying late at night. One morning, his body was found on the ground floor. He had taken his own life. It’s probably easy to say, “Well, he should have just quit”.

Today almost everyone wants to be addressed with high veneration. We want to seem busy and important. World traffic jam has peaked and continued to incessantly hike to the extent that economic policy makers must now consider curtailing traffic jams as an intricate and critical part of the socio-economy. Time and time again, the same commuters who were given a ticket for over speeding continue the same act of over speeding. Some people even want to cut corners while in a hurry to their various destinations. What is more fascinating is that these drivers can knock down a person and still continue heading to their destination. Why the rush?

Many people now erroneously misconstrue movement for progress. Denzel Washington once said, “Just because you are doing a lot more, doesn’t mean that you are getting a lot more done”. This is a fact that we must all come to terms with. Let’s take a deep breath and think. Not only has a skyscraper never been built in a day, it is also not possible. Get your head out of the swift spiral of activities and just think. Look at things from a peripheral perspective, look at how it turns out without you and now look at where you most effectively fit into and then, boom, you hop in.

But first, take that deep breath, get out and just do nothing.



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