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That Big Tummy and Body Size, What Makes It Up?

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That Big Tummy and Body Size, What Makes It Up?

In this age of information, for most people who desperately want to get rid of their tummies, their first point of call is the internet. Everyone believes there is a remedy somewhere online that will be the almighty answer and make the tummy disappear.

And really, almost everyone with tummy just want to get rid of it. It is believed that big tummy is liable either on diet issues or hereditary. I tend to wonder why we have more black people with big tummies than whites. Hey, don’t call me a racist, I am black also! But seriously, could it be a racial thing or just that the whites are more conscious of their body sizes than blacks? Would that be, that whites have less genetical thing for big tummies or that blacks could eat just anything? I have a childhood friend, who if he diets on “garri” (that’s our local cassava flakes), he adds weight! And so we concluded that it comes natural for him. Over the years, I have watched him taken various medications, just to loose weight, to no avail.

Most of us would have read about the sugar factor which translates to increase in body size. I think science could be so confusing. We were taught back school days that sugar gives energy and protein builds body fats. So what does the sugar factor thing have to do with this? And what really do we believe? This genetical theory or the medical sugar factor jargons.

According to a website, heathline.com: “when you eat a lot of added sugar, the liver gets overloaded with fructose and is forced to turn it into fat”. Also that “numerous studies have shown that excess sugar, mostly due to the large amounts of fructose, can lead to increased accumulation of fat in the belly and liver”.

Okay o, sugar turns into fat! What would we not hear in this world?

Anyways, this I have to say: we all should watch our eating habits, make efforts on regular exercises, study our genetical chronology and have periodic medical checks. Hey, remember, we live just one life!

A good friend has this to say on sugar intake: You need to cut down on sugar consumptions. From foods and drinks. More importantly, you need to put your mind at it! Sugar intake mounts pressure on insulin build up and efficiency. This increases resistance against insulin. And when these deposits of sugar-fat grows, gradually you are signing up for “going…going…GONE!

Yet another friend, a lady advocates for regular exercise. Ignorantly, some of us believe that when we measure the stress we go through daily, jumping from ‘molue to molue”, racing after “keke maruwa” all in a bit to make ends meet, these daily route out-ways prescribed regular exercise. Alas, that stress does your body no good! Your daily routing: cooking, home chores, catching buses and the rest, would not make the circulatory organs and system of the body work effectively. This does not make up for regular prescribed exercise.

Ultimately, we all can only make efforts sha. Someone who does regular exercise die of heart attack. Another, feeding on junks live to make 98 years, but of course with managed health complications.

My people say, “iku npa agilitin, ambosi, eni fi awo agilitin se ogun aiku”[dead kills agilitin (honesty, I do not know what that animal is, I think English calls it Iguana but it is said that this animal skin is used to prepare longevity charm!). So if Iguana gives long life, how did the animal die in the first place?]

Or better said, b'iku ba n p'agilinti al'awo, ireti wo lo wa f'eni to f'okan ba'le fi awo re ran onde aiku (if death kills Iguana, the owner of the skin, what hope remaineth for that person who decides to use such for death antidote?)

In this life, who truly knows? We all could only make efforts.

Let’s make the good, probable rewarding efforts.



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