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The Experience that Comes with Erection at Public Places!

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The Experience that Comes with Erection at Public Places!

There’s this weird sense of unity in stories of extreme public embarrassment. We have all done something or had something done to us that is humiliating or embarrassing in the moment, and no less when we think about it every night for the rest of our lives. However, it is always funny when we hear stories about other people embarrassing themselves, isn’t it? But why do we always find it funny? It is simply because we, at that moment were not the subjects of ridicule?

Let us dive deeper, the focus here is erection at public places. Yes, you heard me right, erection! So, what is erection? According to Wikipedia, an erection is a physiological phenomenon in which bros (you know the real bros) becomes firm, engorged, and enlarged. Penile erection is the result of a complex interaction of psychological, neural, vascular, and endocrine factors (big grammar!), and is often associated with sexual arousal or sexual attraction, although erections can also be spontaneous.

May we consider that last part of the definition—“can also be spontaneous”. More often we think, erection is a product of sexual thoughts and agitation (something guys regard as “aggro”—only God knows who came up with that word), but we can rightly see from wiki that erection may just be spontaneous. Of course, all guys wake up with erection every morning. We can narrow that to sexual thoughts or dreams over the night, can we?

But irrespective of the circumstance that brought it, how about the atmosphere it occurs? I remember a while ago, I found myself in a situation: on a return trip from an outing, we suddenly found out that there was shortage of vehicle to convey everyone back to their base. So it was resorted to cramping and lapping. You know the atmosphere where a lady volunteer to sit on my lap on a return trip of about 90 minutes. Damn, the babe set too!. It was a struggle to keep my mind off the moment. Sexual thoughts were racing through my mind. And here is the lady sitting comfortable at the very place. I began to change very suggestive topics. Wickedly as if other guys knew what I was going through, they just wanted to discuss intimacy and romance! Anyways, the day was saved because I had a native flowing outfit (babariga) on. I guess the lady noticed something though. Maybe a few poking underneath. I do not know if she told anyone afterwards. But at least, it should be a secret between us. And yes, I fantasied a couple of times on the lady after the trip but she was out of reach.

Erection in the public can be quite challenging and humiliating. I believe some of us would have found ourselves in such situations also. Really, this could happen just anywhere—it could be inside a public bus, it could be in school, it could be at work or even in the church! May God save your souls if you find yourself in this situation at places of worship. Observers would query how perverse such a person could be. You would need to explain why you are thinking of ungodly things in a godly place! The most hilarious part of this wonderful scenario is that such erections are so stubborn because it takes time to go back to its normal position and then you start begging bros, “egbon, abeg na, calm down, na church we dey”.

Some men find it hard to share these hilarious stories while others do not. So many stories have been told about how it happened which usually begins with seeing an attractive female and having wide thoughts.

Well, here is a tip—stop thinking about it! Tame your mind and occupy it with something else (you could begin to quickly think of a horror, scary movie or an interesting football match, or rather the nation’s many disappointment) and you will be surprised at how quick the gigantic system will hibernate. But if you are unlucky, enjoy the sorry case…

Then really, what runs through those your mind?



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Lol, interesting post

2019-03-30 12:51:27

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