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The Soul of Every Business: Employees

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The Soul of Every Business: Employees

The key to owning a fast growing business organization is having highly dedicated hardworking employees and also, having impeccable management skills. This two phenomena work hand in hand. No matter how promising your employees are, if you don't manage them well, you will be surprised at the aftermath.

Permit me to quickly analogize using Nigeria as a case study. We all know how rich this country is when it comes to natural resources and raw materials. Several developed countries are not even as rich in raw materials as Nigeria but they are doing wonderfully well, thanks to the set of people managing their resources which is, of course, the government. In this country we have a very shady and unreliable government with poor managerial skills which is the major factor affecting us as a nation. This same thing applies to business organizations if they are not managed well.

However, it is paramount to note that the first step to managing a business properly is to learn how to handle your employees because literally, they are your business. They are the mind, heart and soul of your establishment no matter how small your hustle is. Learn to appreciate them in any little way you can because such kind gesture will go a long way to making them happy and contended. And as we often say, the reward for hard work is more hard work.

It is not uncommon that most employers treat their employees like they are a piece of trash. It’s quite unfortunate. It is your business you are damaging—your business get to suffer for it, not the worker because in the long run, he or she will find a better place to work and it is after you lose what you have that you will appreciate it's worth. Generally, hard workers are not easy to come by not to mention diligent, punctual, corrigible and trustworthy ones. Once you find them, don't use your arsenal of poor mannerism to chase them off. When you are not in the military, do not act as such. We all need to acknowledge that employees, in actual sense, everyone around us needs to be taken and treated as humans.

But really, why do we act as the almighty one when dealing with subjects and employees. Yes, to balance the narrative, some workers could be terrible, I mean, rather terrible. Some are so mean and all what they care for is the pay check. Some to not give a damn if the business grows or not. Still, others do not manner the customers they meet daily. Oh yes, customers are royalties. Customers are the purpose for business existence. Customers are the soul of the business but since you cannot do everything by yourself, you need to manage those who work with you. More importantly, those who interface with the customers. They could ruin your business!

We must focus squarely on wins for everyone. Employer wins, employee wins and the customer wins! Really, that is possible and attainable. It is psychologically proven that, appreciating one's employees either by showing praises, giving a raise, promoting, a thumbs up or just a pat in the back goes a long way in making employees work harder because they know they have a boss that is appreciative and encouraging. This in turn, will improve your business and the sky might just be your starting point…



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