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The issues with Farmers and Cattle Rearers

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Rearing or a Grazing Reserve?

The matter of cattle rearing has been around in the only remaining century. Responsibility for isn't confined to Nigerians of the Fulani extraction alone, the advantaged in our general public, are speculators in this worthwhile business. Eventually, it was the agents of Miyetti Allah that shielded the various charges of hijacking, killings; banditry, leveling and demolition of some individual's ranches the nation over that until now torment the Association. The speculators worked from clouded spots impacting issues and advancements.

Financial stakeholders in Cattle reproducing are the grandiose in our general public from all circles of the economy. (Those in financial institutions, politics, foreign service inclusive). They purchase calves in their numbers, hand them over to Cattle rearers for a remuneration. Eventually, when these cows are fully-fledged, they are sold out at a profit.

 Steers are wellsprings of protein for people, the inquiry on the lips of onlookers is what nature of standardized training did the rearers had before slaying the cattle for human intake?

That takes us to another inquiry fomenting the intelligence of onlookers. What might you exhort, cattle rearing or a grazing reserve?

It is an undisputable fact that herds of cattle are bred through ranching in developed countries of the world. Those are countries where there is a high level of organization, and a great abomination for animals to stroll through the city centres.

What does it take to breed veer a grazing reserve? An anchored place, a devoted staff, normal supply of feeds, water, immunization and whatever other administration that would ensure a quality livestock.

On the other hand, cattle rearing is an act of guarding and guiding cattle from one point to another through some else’s farm, over thousands of kilometers. In the process of rearing, cattle drink untreated water and feed on grasses infected with worms and germs .It is not documented anywhere that veterinary doctors have access to a herd eternally on the move.

Either way, in the context of security and the provision of a better hygiene condition, it is cheaper to ranch. Conversely, if you count the cost of investment precedent to ranching, ranching is more expensive.

On a good day, nobody would subscribe to cattle rearing because the rearers are not mindful of boundaries. All they care is the availability of green leaves their herd could feed on.

Miyetti Allah is a name that has been around in a long time. The name recently came to the knowledge of Nigerians in the context of farmers’ herders’ conflict around the country.

According to Wikipedia, A major goal of Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN) is to be the umbrella organization of Fulani herdsmen within the country. The activities of the organization involves liaising with the government on behalf of pastoralists, land use rights, nomadic education and conflict resolution between pastoralists and farmers. The group also supports protecting and increasing grazing reserves for cattle breeders in the country. However, not all pastoralists intend to stay within grazing reserves and the organization provides information to convince grazing reserve skeptics among the nomads to buy into the idea.

Miyetti Allah has featured prominently in the social and traditional news platforms in Nigeria in the past few years for different reasons.

Miyetti Allah has included conspicuously in the social and conventional news stages in Nigeria in the previous couple of years for various reasons.

Eyewitnesses are of the view that Miyetti Allah needs a superior cooperation with partners in the Nation's economy. For example, the National Veterinary Research Institute with its central station in Vom, Plateau State will help individuals from the association in creating immunizations that would keep cattle healthy.

Neighborhood and State Governments will band together with the arrangement of bundles of land to graze holds.

National Agencies for Food Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) would likewise volunteer administrative controls that would keep undesirable meat off our business sectors.

Security offices are anxious to work with MACBAN to distinguish unapproved people acting like cattle rearers and had since given terrible observation to the association through their odious exercises throughout the years.

It is worthy of mention at this juncture to advise representatives of Miyetti Allah to parley Ministry of Land, Physical Planning and Urban Development in all the states of the Federation on the kind of assistance the Breeders Association needs. Members of Miyetti Allah should desist from the “above the law” disposition in their respective locations across the country.

There are pending court cases most of whom were initiated to pay compensation to farmers whose farms were destroyed and relatives of those killed in the farmers’ herders’ clash.

Some States Governments have passed into law restrictions of herds of cattle into grazing reserves. With this passage, cattle breeders are not comfortable with grazing reserves they have never been used to.

Our thought here is to advise MACBAN members to have a rethink and be team players with stakeholders. The intellectual principles behind town planning would not permit unguided and indefinite liberty from anybody in the bid to access anywhere in the country let alone the destruction of food crops attributed to the recklessness of cattle breeders across the country.

Onlookers are completely educated that Patrons of MACBAN are famous people of regal standings in the north. This isn't a ground for the “above the law” stances and airs of dairy cattle rearers in a few sections of the nation.

It has also come to the notice of researchers of developments in the cattle breeding endeavours that some political appointees of the Ministerial ranking identifying with Cattle breeders through tribal affiliations contradicted what constituted authorities debated in the bid to entrench sanity in the middle of herders’ farmers’ clash. Political appointees in this category are not only primitive in their minds but are grossly unpatriotic.

Cattle breeders of the Fulani extraction are the most privileged in terms of their claims to orientation from particular parts of Nigeria. Consequently, it is only the Fulani that could lay claim to a minimum of two states at a point in time. A Fulani man born in Enugu some 50 years ago would lay claim to Enugu State by birth and Taraba, Kebbi or Adamawa States by geographical orientation. The Fulani man in this category speaks Igbo fluently; he speaks Fulfulde as well as English Language.

Stakeholders relating with cattle breeders are advised to perceive the Fulani men and women as fellow compatriots. Nobody should discriminate against anybody. Cattle breeders Association should do more in the area of redefining true members. Criminals, kidnapers, ritualists and desperados in their overlay ought to be exposed while the thought process in the foundation of MACBAN, which includes "liaising with the administration in the interest of pastoralists, arrive use rights, migrant training and compromise among pastoralists and ranchers" ought to be protected with each feeling of patriotism.



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