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Abeg what is wrong with GTB? How will a Bank just stay like that and be complacent? Is Access Bank not their mate, or younger brother sef, that is buying other banks? GT just feel that they have arrived abi?

Yesterday, I and a biz partner were contemplating where to open an account for a company we just registered. We already had a package from Zenith (those ones no dey waste time at all), and the decision was about what Bank would be privilege to run our account II.

I suggested Union Bank because of their Uncle Thomas advert while my partner wanted GTBank. He operates his personal account with them and claimed he was satisfied with their online services. I have never experienced banking with Union, and since our new venture would be receiving online payment, I could not counter his reasoning. Not one to lose easily, I fired a dying shot- we were to open the account at their recently opened branch in town.

See ehn, I have a GTBank account which has gone dormant because of the crowd at their Banking halls and the “failure” of their personnel to give preferential treatment every once in a while. Also, in my experience new branches are usually hungry and will be eager to open accounts (or so I thought). I reasoned that being one of the first customers in their books, we would be able to get preferential treatment sooner than later.

Alas, I should have known better. The branch was not crowded but the staff had the proverbial Oja Oyingbo attitude like dem no go know if you come tomorrow or not. Imagine one guy at Customer Service telling us that they did not have marketers at the Branch yet, and directing us to their main branch at the other side of town when we requested for a package to fill. His excuse was that they did not have packages there either. At a new branch o! That should be expecting new customers.

“This is not banking”. I was fuming to my partner as we walked the mile of shame from the Customer service desk to the mantrap door in their oversized banking hall. Truth be told, I half expected one of their Supervisors sitting behind the tellers to find a way to stop us and apologize for the mix up. Whosai?

We walka reach outside like good riddance and my partner even made us transverse to the other side of town to experience another round of hardship and hear half-truths before we picked up the package with which we will use to open an account that will contribute to their bottom-line.

As I narrate this ordeal, I still feel the bile rise inside of me like it did yesterday. For the life of me I do not understand how such attitude is possible in a Nigerian Bank, or in any service rendering institution for that matter.

Nigerians are just suffering on all fronts; you will beg government that you voted in to work, beg Bank that will profit from your money to Bank you, beg Police that your tax will pay their salary not to harass you, buy transformer for Nepa to give you light that you will pay bill for, drill your borehole and still pay water rate, pay security dues in your area for vigilante to still embarrass your guests, beg ASUU to resume after you have paid exorbitant fees

Me I haff tire.




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