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You Are Attractive, No Matter How Bad People Think You Look

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You Are Attractive, No Matter How Bad People Think You Look

Right from time, men are attracted by what they see and women are attracted by what they hear which is why it is important to have a 'sweet mouth' if you want to woo a lady and you have to dress well and attractive if you want to get approached by a man. Attraction is habitually the root of most relationship between a man and a woman. A man will never approach a lady he is not attracted to and no lady will give attention to a man she doesn't find attractive. You might be thinking they are always attracted to someone that has money. Before nko? Who no like money? But the fact is there are lot of things women find attractive in a man asides money. It could be confidence, physical appearance such as height, complexion, facial expressions, or it could be intelligence, charisma, manner of approach, diction, to mention a few. So do not have the mindset that attraction from ladies is always about money. That is not always the case.

As individuals who seek attention, you need to know that everything you’ve got, is a resource, nurture it well—be it intellects, goodwill, attitudes, physical endowment or financial resources. Whichever one it is, endeavor to improve on it because that might just be the only way you will get attention from the other of your dreams. Don't think that because you're a short guy, only dwarfs will find you attractive and don't think that because you're a tall and handsome, every girl you approach will give you audience. Life is not one plus one that always makes two. The irony here is that, there are some ladies who find physically attractive men unattractive. How manage? You will be stunned when you meet any of them. These rare beings are attracted differently.

It does not matter how well or bad you seem, confidence in self and really knowing who you are, is key to attraction from the other gender. Just be real and believe in yourself, whom you seek shall be found. You will be glad when you find him. And when you truly find her, keep her!



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