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You Might Just Have To Stop Wearing Pants

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You Might Just Have To Stop Wearing Pants

Following the recent trend of alleged hunt for pants and other female underwear in all the parts of the country by males, and more recently female (domestic helps), some ladies have shown their discomfort and lamented that it is giving them sleepless nights. Ladies have turn to social media to express their mind that they no longer wear pants anymore due to the alleged activities of suspected ritualists and internet fraudsters commonly known as “yahoo boys” or better known as “G-boy” (what does the G stands for?). So we can all say, the fear of Yahoo boys, is the beginning of burning pants and underwear.

More pathetic was the news that broke some time ago from the South-Western Nigeria, where supposed yahoo boys went in a desperate move, fully armed to an eatery for “pants harvest”—where they demanded ladies to remove and handover their pants, at gun point. More terribly, was the addition that those ladies who taught they were smarter (by not putting on pants) were handed over one each, to put on for few minutes before retrieving such…

It is worthy to note that most young men on the street are into one form of fraud or the other. More sadly, a larger number of these boys are either in secondary schools or undergraduate. What has our nation turned into? You might wonder! Not holding briefs for them though, the situations with educated and well learned graduate without job is sad. These boys have watched their older ones carry certificates up and down, searching for jobs. In other cases, they have witnessed their older ones with first class grade struggling with twelve thousand naira from a teaching job. While on the other hand, they see countless idle young men with laptops living extravagant lives. Yes we still have a few sane young ones who would not venture into this lifestyle no matter how they have been tempted. A few still believe in hard work and clean cash.

So, what should our ladies do? It is a dilemma and a pathetic situation. Some ladies’ underwears were stolen, some were forcefully asked to give it away, while some others (without pants) were made to wear them only to be forcefully retrieved after about five minutes. Where shall we turn to?

We could only hope that the security agencies would be able to curtail this menace and bring it to the most bearable minimum. May we all know that these ladies are our mothers, wives and daughters. And ultimately, may the good Lord God, keep us away from evil.



Posted By:D-law

This is becoming serious now adays.

2019-02-10 05:10:22

Posted By:D-law

This is becoming serious now adays.

2019-02-10 05:10:21

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2019-02-07 02:36:40

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